Setting up Distance Learning for Behavioral Success

with Jody M. Miller, MEd, BCBA

Setting up Distance Learning for Behavioral Success

Episode 14, Season 1 | January 14, 2021

Show Notes

From creating a schedule and routine to providing ample opportunity for exercise and play, Jody Miller, MEd, BCBA shares her best advice for at-home learning success. As Head of Esther B. Clark Schools, Jody’s experience with kids who struggle in a typical classroom environment have prepared her to creatively address problem behavior and positively reinforce those behaviors we’d like to see more of. Jody reminds us that parenting in a pandemic is not easy for anyone, and self-compassion is key for us to be able to practice empathy towards our kids. Tune in to hear more expert advice from this CHC superstar!

Guest Info
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Jody has been an administrator at Esther B. Clark School for nine years. Her first experience was as an Adapted Physical Education (APE) teacher for students with intellectual differences and physical disabilities. This experience was tremendously rewarding and set the foundation for Jody to continue working with students who struggle to participate in typical classroom settings. Since her time as a teacher, Jody has spent time leading residential treatment schools, directing Applied Behavior Analysis programs for children who have an autism spectrum disorder, and most recently becoming the Head of Schools for EBC’s two campuses in San Jose and Palo Alto.


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