About the Podcast

CHC Voices of Compassion is a weekly podcast produced by Children’s Health Council (CHC) with insights, inspiration and creative conversations about mental health, education and parenting.

Featured on Voices of Compassion are CHC mental health, wellness and learning specialists, parents in the trenches and other experts who can help us with the mighty job of raising compassionate and courageous kids in the midst of a global pandemic.

Tune in regularly to hear about how you can help yourself, your kids, your family and others in your community to make it through another day. We’ll offer thoughts and inspiration that will make you think and even laugh! Compassion can take on many forms – it might be exercising some self care, learning some tips about how to support your child with distance learning, strategies around talking with your kids, or parenting techniques. And we know – healing isn’t linear.


It takes a village to make a podcast. These are the folks that make the magic happen!

Cindy Lopez

Natalie Tamburello headshot
Natalie Tamburello

Manager, Community Engagement, CHC
Mike Navarrette
Mike Navarrete

Senior Marketing Associate, Multimedia, CHC

It takes a village.

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