May 1, 2024 | Episode 18, Season 4

Teaching Kids Digital Citizenship

with Eisha Buch

As technology continues to permeate almost all aspects of our lives, understanding how to navigate the digital world responsibly becomes critical, especially for our youth. In this episode, we talk with Eisha Buch, Director, Education Programs & Development for Common Sense Education, about helping students develop a sense of digital agency so that they can truly thrive in a tech-filled world with all its benefits, as well as navigating the potential stressors. We discuss practical strategies that parents can use at home to support the responsible use of technology and foster a culture of digital citizenship.

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March 1, 2023 | Episode 15, Season 3

Illustration of a woman and four children sitting on the ground meditating

Managing Mental Health and Behavior in the K-8 Classroom

with Krislyn Li Conklin, MA and Kaila Sugiyama, MA, LMFT

Today’s episode was developed in response to a request from our partners at Palo Alto Unified School District…and while it’s great for all listeners, is intended especially for teachers! Increasingly, educators are being asked to manage not just the academic and social-emotional wellbeing of their students, but also address mental health challenges and learning differences in the classroom. We know it’s not possible to do it all, but today’s podcast episode shares some structures and strategies to support struggling students and promote a safe, positive learning environment for all. In addition to tips and takeaways, CHC’s Esther B. Clark (EBC) Schools staff Krislyn Li Conklin, MA and Kaila Sugiyama, MA, LMFT, remind teachers that “recognizing your own humanity in all of this is the most important.”

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