Voices of Compassion Podcast
Voices of Compassion Podcast

January 6, 2021

Season 1 in Review

About The Episode

Today’s podcast highlights a few favorite excerpts from some of our previous episodes, including Top 3 Mindfulness Strategies to Reduce Stress (Episode 5), Best Strategies for ADHD & Distance Learning (Episodes 8 & 9), Family Dynamics While Sheltering in Place (Episode 11) and more. We hope it brings a smile to your face and perhaps even makes you want to go back and listen to the episodes that resonate most.


Show Notes

From parenting, mindfulness, raising compassionate kids, self-compassion, empathy, ADHD, distance learning, positive feedback, mental health and family dynamics, we’ve covered a lot of territory since our podcast launched in October. Today we take a brief jaunt down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite takeaways from past episodes. Join us for this short-and-sweet listen, and be sure to visit our Podcast Archive to access your favorite episodes in their entirety!

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