2e: When Giftedness and Mental Health Challenges Overlap

with Christine Pearston, PsyD

2e: When Giftedness and Mental Health Challenges Overlap

Episode 9, Season 3 | December 7, 2022

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Many twice exceptional (2e) children feel different, like they just don’t fit in, and can be more susceptible to mental health challenges. They may feel isolated from their peers because of their giftedness and their neurodiversity, whether it be autism, learning differences, ADHD, anxiety or otherwise. Some live with the constant feeling that they are not living up to their ‘gifted’ potential, or feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. With this in mind, how can parents, caregivers and educators effectively support 2e children? Join us for today’s podcast episode as we talk with Christine Pearston, PsyD, licensed clinical psychologist at CHC’s Catherine T. Harvey Center for Clinical Services, who suggests we start by looking at the whole child — strengths, interests and challenges alike.

Guest Info
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Dr. Pearston is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with experience providing therapy and assessment to children, teens and young adults in a variety of settings. In her clinical work, she strives to provide a safe, understanding and collaborative environment for clients and families to meet their goals. Dr. Pearston is a generalist who feels comfortable treating a wide range of mental health concerns, but has a special interest in working with teens who are struggling with anxiety, depression or coping with a traumatic experience. She also has experience in behavioral medicine, helping teens cope with medical conditions such as diabetes, eating disorders and chronic pain. Her assessment expertise includes psychodiagnostic testing for complex mental health presentations, and psychoeducational testing for gifted and twice exceptional youth.


An east coast native, Dr. Pearston relocated to California in 2013 for her pre-doctoral internship training at Monterey County Children’s Behavioral Health. She subsequently completed her postdoctoral residency at Kaiser Permanente, South Bay Consortium.

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