The Trans Experience

with Anne Mellenthin & Grae Mellenthin

The Trans Experience

Episode 15, Season 2 | December 16, 2021

Show Notes

We hear more about gender expression these days than we used to. Yet it’s rare to hear a raw, firsthand account about what it really feels like when your gender identity doesn’t match your biological gender — from shame and stigma to self-awareness and acceptance. In this episode, we hear from a trans adult and his mom as they share their inspiring journey. We talk about body dysmorphia, mental health issues, determination, self-acceptance and transitioning. Ultimately, theirs is a love story between mother and son, and son and self that applies to us all.

Guest Info
Grae Mellenthin headshot

Grae Mellenthin lives in Seattle with his fiancé and his grumpy cat. He is a phlebotomist who has worked the frontlines during the height of the pandemic. Grae would trade anything for that California sunshine and he has fond memories of his childhood in Menlo Park, CA. He is very excited to share his gender journey. 

Anne Mellenthin headshot

My name is Anne Mellenthin. I live in Menlo Park and have three adult children, one of whom is a transgender man. I am an interior designer and a tutor for Reading Partners. I am a CHC Ambassador, former panelist, and sat on the advisory council during the formation of Sand Hill School. I seek to raise awareness of the mental health issues that may debilitate transgender youth as they come to terms with their gender identity.