Voices of Compassion Podcast
Voices of Compassion Podcast

Season 1 - Episode 34 | June 19, 2021

Talking With Kids About Race: How to Promote Courageous Conversations

About the Episode

We see images and hear conversations about racial injustice almost every day. As a parent, you might find it easier to be silent or ignore, but it’s important to view these as opportunities to talk with your kids about what they are seeing and hearing. How do you have those conversations with your kids? For each family, this conversation might look a bit different, depending on your own heritage and experience. Listen in today as we talk with Dr. Gloria Morrow, a nationally recognized clinical psychologist, speaker and author, about how to talk with your kids about race and racism.

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Guest Info

Dr. Gloria Morrow headshot

Gloria Morrow, PhD

Clinical Psychologist & DEI Consultant

Gloria Morrow, PhD is one of the nation's leading clinical psychologists and is the Director of Behavioral Health for Unicare Community Health Center. Dr. Morrow is a Master Trainer for the CBMCS (California Brief Multicultural Competency Scale) Training Program, and she helped to develop the training curriculum. In addition, she has facilitated several workshops and seminars focusing on cultural competency issues. Her work surrounding the role of Spirituality in recovery has gained notoriety with the development of a three-day training and handbook entitled S.A.F.E. (Spirituality and Faith Empowers) to equip the faith community and mental health professionals to help hurting people. Dr. Morrow also speaks on topics focusing on trauma and domestic violence. Dr. Morrow serves as a leadership coach who helps leaders to become more effective leaders, and organizations to become better organized and equipped for success.

Show Notes

“Different does not mean deficit. Therefore, we are striving to become a part of the salad bowl.” Hear from our special guest, Dr. Gloria Morrow, a nationally recognized Clinical Psychologist, speaker and author as she shares her expertise and personal narrative of growing up “different.” Dr. Gloria walks us through the importance of embracing diversity and how cultivating cultural humility creates a deeper understanding of our differences. By “building the beloved community,” together we can leave a “legacy of hope, love and justice.”


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