Framing Re-Entry for Our Youth: Supporting Our Kids’ Transition Back to ‘Normal’

with Ramsey Khasho, PsyD

Framing Re-Entry for Our Youth: Supporting Our Kids’ Transition Back to ‘Normal’

Episode 28, Season 1 | April 22, 2021

Show Notes

Feeling anxious about coming out from behind your computer screen? You are not alone. According to the APA, nearly 50% of Americans say they feel anxious about getting back to ‘normal’ post-pandemic, enough for psychologists to coin the phrase "re-entry anxiety." Given that we haven’t interacted in-person without some degree of fear or uncertainty in over a year, the feeling is understandable. So how do we manage our anxiety and emerge from our COVID cocoons with confidence and compassion? Tune into this podcast episode, featuring an in-depth conversation with licensed clinical psychologist and CHC’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Ramsey Khasho, whose wise words as a clinician and father of three are sure to facilitate your family’s transition back into the world.

Guest Info
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Dr. Khasho has over 20 years’ experience evaluating and treating children, teens and families. He specializes in pediatric anxiety and depression, ADHD, ASD, forensic assessment and family therapy. Dr. Khasho is a court-appointed expert for the State of California, and has provided testimony about the psychological evaluations of children and adolescents. He has over 10 years of non-profit executive management experience and is actively involved in the supervision and training of graduate students.