Enter Compassion

with Cindy Lopez

Enter Compassion

Episode 1, Season 1 | October 16, 2020

Show Notes

2020. The year that will not end. We started with COVID-19 in March and sheltering in place. And then layered on school closure and added distance learning. On top of that, we’ve experienced social unrest regarding race and tens of thousands of people evacuated due to wildfires. How much more can we take?

Welcome to CHC’s new Voices of Compassion podcast. We hope you’ll find our podcast series just what you need these days. In addition to this podcast, CHC provides learning and mental health services for kids, teens, young adults and families.

Guest Info
Cindy Lopez headshot

Cindy has worked in K-12 education for about 30 years — as a teacher, an administrator, in public and private schools — most recently focused on kids who learn differently. Cindy believes that each one of us is different and different is good. She has had the opportunity to have thousands of conversations with parents, kids, teachers, community members and more. She is honored to host CHC’s new Voices of Compassion podcast and hopes that it will be just what you need these days.


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