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Voices of Compassion Podcast

Season 1 - Episode 8 | November 19, 2020

Best Strategies for ADHD & Distance Learning. PART 1

About The Episode

Distance learning is a challenge for us all, especially those with learning and attention issues. In this episode, CHC’s Chief Psychiatrist & Medical Director Dr. Glen Elliott discusses the ADHD brain through the lens of distance learning.


Guest Info

Dr. Elliott is an internationally renowned expert in the field of ADHD, psychoactive medications and complex diagnoses.

Glen Elliott

Glen Elliott, PhD, MD

Chief Psychiatrist & Medical Director at Children’s Health Council

Dr. Elliott diagnoses and treats severe psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. An internationally known expert in psychoactive medications, he is the author of Medicating Young Minds: How to Know if Psychiatric Drugs Will Help or Hurt Your Child. Before joining Children’s Health Council, Dr. Elliott was Director of the Children’s Center at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute, University of California, San Francisco for over 17 years. He also is Associate Training Director for the Stanford Child and Adolescent Psychiatry residency programs.

Show Notes

Distance learning is a challenge at best. Add ADHD to the mix and you get a whole new kind of challenge. Tune into this podcast to hear from ADHD expert Dr. Glen Elliott about how you can best support your child with ADHD while learning remotely.

Guest: Glen Elliott, PhD, MD, Chief Psychiatrist and Medical Director at CHC.

Resources mentioned in the show:

Raising Human Beings by Ross Greene

Visit Dr. Glen Elliott’s bio.

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Dr. Elliott’s Reading Recommendations

Raising Human Beings by Ross Greene