Assessment 101: An Inside Look at Evaluations

with Pardis Khosravi, PsyD and Ann Lyke, MEd

Assessment 101: An Inside Look at Evaluations

Episode 22, Season 2 | March 2, 2022

Show Notes

We receive lots of questions from parents about evaluations: Does my child need one? Or should we just start treatment? An evaluation by a psychologist or a multidisciplinary team can be a valuable tool in understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses and provide a roadmap for next steps. It can reveal whether what seems like distraction, laziness or reluctance could actually be a sign of mental health or learning challenges. In today’s podcast episode, CHC experts Dr. Pardis Khosravi, Clinical Director and Psychologist and Ann Lyke, Educational Therapist, share their professional perspectives on everything from the differences between evaluation types to how to talk to your child about the results.

Guest Info
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Dr. Pardis Khosravi is a clinical director and licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations and providing evidence-based psychotherapy to children, adolescents and transitional aged youth. Dr. Khosravi graduated with honors from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BA in psychology and then went on to earn her MS and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium. During graduate school, she received extensive training in providing therapeutic and assessment services to youth with a wide variety of presenting concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD and autism. She furthered her training in psychological assessment by completing her postdoctoral fellowship at San Diego Center for Children, where she conducted comprehensive psychological evaluations with diagnostically complex children and adolescents residing in a residential treatment center.


Dr. Khosravi has received training in multiple evidence-based therapies and frequently integrates interventions and approaches from various modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), to best serve the unique needs of individual clients. She is also passionate about psychological assessment as a tool to best understand each child’s strengths and weaknesses to empower the child and their family to utilize their strengths to increase resiliency and optimize academic, social and emotional functioning. Dr. Khosravi believes that the most important piece of psychological assessment is individualized recommendations and concrete, actionable steps that clearly delineate a path forward for the client and family.

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Ann specializes in educational evaluations for school-age children in both our Community Clinic and Center. She has a long history of working with children of all ages and special education needs. She really enjoys being able to help kids recognize their strengths and feel good about themselves as learners. Ann initiated the Animal-Assisted Therapy Program at Children’s Health Council and is now handler/social secretary of our staff therapy dog, Tavish. In her spare time, Ann enjoys reading, being outdoors, having time with family and friends and photography.