October 16, 2020

Each One of Us Is Different. Different Is Good!

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Cindy Lopez: 
Are you wondering what happened to our lives and how we move forward from here? We thought COVID-19 and sheltering in place was bad. And now we’ve layered on distance learning, social justice issues, excessive weather, heat, cold, hurricanes, tornadoes and fires. Really!? How do we navigate this strange time in which we are living and come out on the other side stronger and better?
I’m Cindy Lopez and I’ve worked in K-12 education for about 30 years, as a teacher and an administrator in both public and private schools, most recently focused on kids who learn differently. I believe that each one of us is different and different is good. I’ve had the opportunity to have hundreds of conversations with parents, kids, teachers, community members and more.
I am honored to host CHC’s new Voices of Compassion podcast. And I hope it will be just what you need these days. So, what is this Voices of Compassion podcast, anyway? Well, we want to encourage and inspire you and let you know that you are not alone. Everyone needs a little compassion, starting with yourself. To give you an idea of what we’ll be talking about, here’s a preview of some upcoming episodes. Our goal is to keep the episodes short. So you can listen while you’re driving or exercising or making dinner. Our first episode is from a mom in the trenches titled, “I Will Get By: Advice From a Mom Who Hasn’t Been Alone Since March.” Our guest, Liza Bennigson, we’ll share some of her advice and tips for how to make it through every day, being a mom, a remote worker with her office in a closet, and now also acting as teacher at home with distance learning.

Liza Bennigson:
We don’t really resemble what we looked like before, which has been really nice to kind of get to know each other and know our kids – as they are and not who we want them to be.

Other episodes include guests from our own ranks here at CHC, expert clinicians and educators. Topics include things like: Top Three Mindfulness Strategies to Reduce Stress, or Raising Compassionate Kids, Positive Behavior Strategies and Distance Learning, Family Dynamics During Shelter in Place, Talking to Your Kids about Race and lots more. We’d love to have you tune in every week. A new episode will be posted every Wednesday beginning, October 21st. We look forward to you tuning in each week. After all, we are in this together.
Find us online at podcasts.chconline.org. Remember that is podcasts with an S. Also, please follow us on our socials. Find us on Facebook @chc.paloalto and Twitter and Instagram at CHC_paloalto. You can also visit our YouTube channel at chconlinepaloalto. And we are on LinkedIn. Subscribe to Voices of Compassion on Apple podcasts, Spotify and other podcast apps, and sign up for our Virtual Village email list so you never miss an update or an episode. I always love to hear from you, so send me an email or a voice memo at podcasts@chconline.org. Again, that is podcasts with an S. Or leave us a rating and review.
After all, we are in this together. See you next week.

It takes a village.

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